Saturday, August 15, 2009

CDGK cricket academy inaugurated: Kamal vows to support present democratic system

The Haq Parast leadership has always supported the present elected government, and would continue its unconditional support to the present system in the larger interest of Pakistan.

City Nazim Mustafa Kamal expressed these views during a ceremony hosted to present cricket academy at Nazimabad Eidgah Ground No 3 within the limits of Liaquatabad Town on Friday.

Sindh youth affairs minister Faisal Subzwari, Sindh Sports Minister M Ali Shah and Liaquatabad Town Nazim Hafiz Usama Qadri were also present at the occasion. We believe the democracy should grow stronger and democratic institutions should be protected and they should serve the nation as per needs and expectation,” Kamal said.

“The mayorship is that part of local government system that has been created in lines of true spirit of the constitution of Pakistan that powers should be decentralised and devolved to the lowest grass root level so that the common man could directly be involved in power sharing to redress grievances. We are not concerned if the Mayorship of the city is not with us and despite this happens, we would not lodge complaints again in the vast interest of the country,” he said.

Kamal said that Muttahidda Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain, keeping in view the critical situation of the country, has offered and has maintained unconditional support to the present democratic system.

The nazim also said that it is time that the people should also acquire a better understanding of the ideology that the MQM chief has offered because this only revolves around the 98 percent of population for their rights and empowerment.

He said that the MQM claims to own the city and Pakistan because this concept gives a right direction to serve the nation and to protect the country. This also drives us to offer appreciation to those who had also served the nation; the city and the country open heartedly, Kamal added.

He said that the establishment of a cricket academy is a step ahead toward transforming the mental attitude of the youth for a healthier environment because the youth of the city eagerly longed for playgrounds.

The rapid increase in city’s population and certain aspects of urbanisation and increases in residential towns in city need creation of sports activities on priority, he said. The city nazim said that the Haq Parast leadership has thus established and improved more than 580 parks and playgrounds in city while especial a large number of family parks for the female population have also been introduced in city whole population.