Monday, June 29, 2009

Liaquatabad Town presents budget

KARACHI: The Nazim Liaquatabad Town, Osama Qadri presented Liaquatabad Town’s surplus budget for the fiscal year 2009-10, in the Town Council with a total outlay of Rs683.454m, showing a surplus of Rs0.039m. A sum of Rs277.950m has been earmarked for development works and Rs405.465m has been allocated for non development expenditures. The budget was approved by the Town Council through unanimous resolution.

The Convener/Town Naib Nazim Muhammad Rehan Siddiqui, Town Council members & Town Officers were also present. Unfolding the details of the budget, The Nazim told the house that the total income of the town had been estimated at Rs683.420m which included share in lieu of OZT of Rs412.390m, share from property tax of Rs35.000m, conservancy tax of Rs25.000m, share of different taxes from CDGK of Rs11.100m, Rs1.000m from water charges, Rs74.730m from other sources, Rs55.000m from road cutting charges, Rs1.400m from marriage gardens, Rs45.000m from expected Government Grant, Rs0.30m from health tax (CDGK) Rs20.00m from Land utilization charges and Rs2.500m from shows/exhibitions has been estimated. Rs277.950m has been allocated for development works. Giving breakup of the development expenditures the Nazim stated that Rs172.612m for communication, electrical and mechanical works, Rs90.240m for parks and recreation, Rs131.022m for municipal services, Rs272.918m for sanitation works had been provided.

Expenditures for non development works has been estimated at Rs405.465m, of which Rs285.73m for salaries, Rs102.734m for contingencies, while allocation of Rs17.001m has been made for maintenance purpose.